Bernadete Throw Pillows – Set Of 2

A simple luxry, this is a light weight 16 inch throw pillow featuring the Bliss Jade fabric and color combination.


When it comes to pillows and poufs, the little things make a difference. Our poufs feature lightweight filling and Sunfield® and Sunbrella® fabrics, while our pillows boast a memory foam blend and matching piping. Plus, they all come in a ton of colors because, like, who are we to decide what color your accessories should be?

-Set of 2 Pillows
-Available in Cali, Bliss, Sedona, and Vessel upholsteries
-Memory foam blend filled insert
-Piping standard on all models
-Ships 2 per Box

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 in

Bliss Jade, Bliss Shadow, Bliss Spice, Bliss Wool, Bliss Root, Bliss Hearth, Bliss Ink, Bliss Stream, Bliss Azure, Bliss Icicle, Bliss Slate, Bliss Terra Cotta, Bliss Malbec, Bliss Breeze, Bliss Nautical, Bliss Verdite, Bliss Eclipse, Bliss Cliff, Bliss Raven, Cali Cactus, Cali Beach, Clai Sand, Cali Desert, Cali Sunset, Cali Boardwalk, Cali PIer, Cali Vineyard, Cali Surf, Cali Coast, Cali Boulder, Vessel Leaf, Vessel Straw, Vessel Berry, Vessel Bark, Vessel Sand, Vessel Midnight, Vessel Stormcloud, Vessel Stone, Vessel Coast, Vessel Isle, Vessel Peacock, Sunfield Pearl, Sunfiled Navy, Sunfiled Taupe, Sunbrella Canvas Flax, Sunbrella Canvas Grainte, Sunbrella Cast Slate, Sunbrella Cast Petal, Sedona Tumbleweed, Sedona Sierra, Sedona Poppy, Sedona Mirage, Sedona Adobe, Sedona Succulents, Sedona Sassafras, Sedona Zest, Sedona Brick Red, Sedona Sunset, Sedona molten, Sedona Botanical, Sedona Midnight, Sedona Paradise, Sedona Sand, Sedona Terra Cotta, Sedona Earth, Sedona Buckskin, Sedona Mesa, Sedona Plateau, Sedona Horizon, Sedona Indigo, Sedona Sagebrush, Sedona Fog, Sedona Pewter, Sedona Putty, Sedona Storm, Sedona Fawn, Sedona Ochre, Sedona Mahogany, Sedona Truffle, Sedona Canyon, Sedona Nighthawk


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