Broadcast, Government

Department of Health & Human Services

GovSolutions designed a new television studio set to achieve multiple studio looks without physically moving the background set elements. The studio, is flexible enough to allow for a on-camera standup featuring two people, a two-person desktop view, and a panel-type presentation of up to four people. This results in quicker change-overs between shows and less manpower needed. Taking advantage of the integrated technology in the set, allows for modularity of the set without physically moving the background set walls. Multiple looks were achieved via changes in physical graphic panels, changes in monitor content and color changes in the LED lighting within the set elements. The design of the set maximized the use of the studio space and allowed for multiple shooting areas. The design of the set areas were focused on multi-use, clean lines and integration of technology. The set featured multi-monitors, LED color-changing light panels and interchangeable graphic panels for ease of changing looks and branding.

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